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Ginolhac, G. Co Author Listing * Intrinsic Cramér-Rao Bounds for Scatter and Shape Matrices Estimation in CES Distributions
* Multivariate statistical modeling for multi-temporal SAR change detection using wavelet transforms
* New SAR Algorithm Based on Orthogonal Projections for MMT Detection and Interference Reduction

Ginor, R. Co Author Listing * Novel EIS postprocessing algorithm for breast cancer diagnosis

Ginori, J.V.L.[Juan V. Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Coding Region Prediction in Genomic Sequences Using a Combination of Digital Signal Processing Approaches
* Detection of Coding Regions in Large DNA Sequences Using the Short Time Fourier Transform with Reduced Computational Load

Ginosar, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive sensitivity CCD image sensor
* Spatio-Chromatic Model for Colour Image Processing

Ginosar, S. Co Author Listing * Century of Portraits: A Visual Historical Record of American High School Yearbooks, A
* Detecting People in Cubist Art
* Everybody Dance Now
* Learning Individual Styles of Conversational Gesture
* Learning to Factorize and Relight a City
Includes: Ginosar, S. Ginosar, S.[Shiry]

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