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Gostar, A.K.[Amirali K.] Co Author Listing * Classification of Volumetric Images Using Multi-Instance Learning and Extreme Value Theorem
* Constrained Sensor Control for Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter Using Cauchy-Schwarz Divergence
* Deep Multi-instance Volumetric Image Classification with Extreme Value Distributions
* RETOUCH: The Retinal OCT Fluid Detection and Segmentation Benchmark and Challenge
* Robust Multi-Bernoulli Sensor Selection for Multi-Target Tracking in Sensor Networks
Includes: Gostar, A.K.[Amirali K.] Gostar, A.K.

Gostin, L. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional E-CSAR Imaging of a T-72 Tank and Synthesis of Its Spotlight, Stripmap and Interferometric SAR Reconstructions

Gostner, T. Co Author Listing * Outdoor AR-application for the Digital Map Table

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