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Goumas, S.[Stefanos] Co Author Listing * Development of an intelligent CAD system for mass detection in mammographic images

Goumas, S.K. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for Multilead SMD Post-Placement Quality Inspection, A
* Bayesian image analysis framework for post-placement quality inspection of components, A

Goumeidane, A.B.[Aicha Baya] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Networks-Based Defects Classes Discrimination in Weld Radiographic Images
* Bayesian Pressure Snake for Weld Defect Detection
* Local and Global Statistics-Based Explicit Active Contour for Weld Defect Extraction in Radiographic Inspection
* New discrepancy measures for segmentation evaluation
* Scale space Radon transform
* Spatially Varying Weighting Function-Based Global and Local Statistical Active Contours. Application to X-Ray Images
Includes: Goumeidane, A.B.[Aicha Baya] Goumeidane, A.B.

Goumidi, D.E. Co Author Listing * Modified confusion-diffusion based satellite image cipher using chaotic standard, logistic and sine maps

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