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Guenard, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Multiple View Reconstruction of a Quadric of Revolution from Its Occluding Contours
* Reconstructing Plants in 3D from a Single Image Using Analysis-by-Synthesis
Includes: Guenard, J.[Jerome] Guénard, J.[Jérôme]

Guenault, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Using a superfluid to image its own vortices
Includes: Guenault, A.[Anthony] Guénault, A.[Anthony]

Guendil, Z.[Zied] Co Author Listing * Computational framework for emotional VAD prediction using regularized Extreme Learning Machine

Gueniat, F. Co Author Listing * Slicing techniques for handheld augmented reality

Guenoche, A. Co Author Listing * Twelve Numerical Symbolic and Hybrid Supervised Classification Methods

Guensler, R. Co Author Listing * Real-time data-driven traffic simulation for performance measure estimation

Guenter, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Image Enhancement Using Calibrated Lens Simulations
* Method and system for capturing and representing 3D geometry, color and shading of facial expressions and other animated objects
* Photorealistic Image Synthesis for Object Instance Detection
* Statistical Approach to Continuous Self-Calibrating Eye Gaze Tracking for Head-Mounted Virtual Reality Systems, A
Includes: Guenter, B.[Brian] Guenter, B.

Guenter, B.K. Co Author Listing * Lossless Compression of Computer Generated Animation Frames

Guenter, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * On Authorship Attribution via Markov Chains and Sequence Kernels

Guenther, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * MODIS Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI) as an Estimator of Isoprene Emissions in a Temperate Deciduous Forest, A

Guenther, A.B.[Alex B.] Co Author Listing * Impact of Drought on Isoprene Fluxes Assessed Using Field Data, Satellite-Based GLEAM Soil Moisture and HCHO Observations from OMI

Guenther, B. Co Author Listing * Modeling the Detector Radiometric Gains of the Suomi NPP VIIRS Reflective Solar Bands
* Multiyear On-Orbit Calibration and Performance of Terra MODIS Reflective Solar Bands
* Multiyear On-Orbit Calibration and Performance of Terra MODIS Thermal Emissive Bands
Includes: Guenther, B. Guenther, B.[Bruce]

Guenther, B.D. Co Author Listing * Aided and Automatic Target Recognition Based upon Sensory Inputs from Image Forming Systems

Guenther, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Radiometric Assessment of ICESat-2 over Vegetated Surfaces

Guenther, F.H. Co Author Listing * Self-Organizing Neural-Network Architecture for Navigation Using Optic Flow, A

Guenther, K.P. Co Author Listing * Global Burned Area Mapping From European Satellites: The Esa Fire_cci Project

Guenther, W. Co Author Listing * Estimating the number of clusters in a data set via the gap statistic

Guentzer, U. Co Author Listing * Measuring the Effects of OCR Errors on Similarity Linking

Guenzi, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Open-Source Web Platform to Share Multisource, Multisensor Geospatial Data and Measurements of Ground Deformation in Mountain Areas, An

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