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Guion, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Study of a Virtual Conference in a Mirror World with Avatars and HMD

Guionnet, T. Co Author Listing * Decoder-Side Intra Mode Derivation with Texture Analysis in VVC Test Model
* Embedded Multiple Description Coding for Progressive Image Transmission Over Unreliable Channels
* Error-resilient decoding of context-based adaptive binary arithmetic codes
* Gradient-Based Intraprediction Fusion for Video Coding
* Robust decoding of arithmetic codes for image transmission over error-prone channels
* Soft decoding and synchronization of arithmetic codes: Application to image transmission over noisy channels
Includes: Guionnet, T. Guionnet, T.[Thomas]

Guiotte, F. Co Author Listing * Interactive Digital Terrain Model Analysis In Attribute Space
* Relation Network for Full-waveforms Lidar Classification

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