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Hahm, C. Co Author Listing * Memory Access Scheduling for a Smart TV

Hahm, C.H.[Cheul Hee] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Bi-directional Motion Estimation for Video Frame Interpolation
Includes: Hahm, C.H.[Cheul Hee] Hahm, C.H.[Cheul-Hee]

Hahm, J. Co Author Listing * Efficient CABAC Rate Estimation for H.264/AVC Mode Decision

Hahm, S. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Stereoscopic Video Coding Scheme Based on MPEG-2 and HEVC for 3DTV Services, A

Hahm, Y.[Yonghee] Co Author Listing * Fast and Accurate 3D Reconstruction of Dental Models

Hahmann, A.N.[Andrea N.] Co Author Listing * Quarter-Century Offshore Winds from SSM/I and WRF in the North Sea and South China Sea

Hahmann, F.[Ferdinand] Co Author Listing * Bone Age Assessment Using the Classifying Generalized Hough Transform
* Eye Localization Using the Discriminative Generalized Hough Transform

Hahmann, S.[Stefanie] Co Author Listing * 2D shape structure for decomposition and part similarity, A
* Bicubic G1 Interpolation of Irregular Quad Meshes Using a 4-Split
* Measuring Completeness of Building Footprints in OpenStreetMap over Space and Time
* Multi-resolution Analysis
* Shape Interrogation
* Volume-preserving FFD for programmable graphics hardware
Includes: Hahmann, S.[Stefanie] Hahmann, S.[Stefan]

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