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Haj Manouchehri, A.[Azadeh] Co Author Listing * Polyp detection using CNNs in colonoscopy video
Includes: Haj Manouchehri, A.[Azadeh] Haj-Manouchehri, A.[Azadeh]

Haj Said, E.[Eyad] Co Author Listing * Towards an Automated Dental Identification System (ADIS)
Includes: Haj Said, E.[Eyad] Haj-Said, E.[Eyad]

Haj Shirmohammadi, A. Co Author Listing * Joint Decoding of Unequally Protected JPEG2000 Bitstreams and Reed-Solomon Codes

Haj, E.H.I.E. Co Author Listing * Machine learning techniques applied to prepaid subscribers: Case study on the telecom industry of Morocco

Haj, M.A.[Murad Al] Co Author Listing * Automatic face and facial features initialization for robust and accurate tracking
* On partial least squares in head pose estimation: How to simultaneously deal with misalignment
* Robust pose invariant face recognition using coupled latent space discriminant analysis

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