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Hanley, H.B.[Harry B.] Co Author Listing * Bias-compensated RPCs for Sensor Orientation of High-resolution Satellite Imagery
* Close-Range Photogrammetry in Traffic Incident Management

Hanley, J. Co Author Listing * Meaning and Use of the Area under a Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve, The

Hanlon, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Chemical Vapour Detection by Micro UAV

Hanlon, R.[Regina] Co Author Listing * Tracking of a Fluorescent Dye in a Freshwater Lake with an Unmanned Surface Vehicle and an Unmanned Aircraft System

Hanlon, R.T.[Roger T.] Co Author Listing * Use of commercial off-the-shelf digital cameras for scientific data acquisition and scene-specific color calibration

Hanlon, S. Co Author Listing * Evaluating a Hidden Markov Model of Syntax in a Text Recognition System

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