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Hathaway, D.H.[David H.] Co Author Listing * Video image stabilization and registration

Hathaway, O.M.[Olanda M.] Co Author Listing * Computer-aided grading of lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) using HRCT

Hathaway, R.J.[Richard J.] Co Author Listing * bigVAT: Visual assessment of cluster tendency for large data sets
* Clustering incomplete relational data using the non-Euclidean relational fuzzy c-means algorithm
* Local convergence of the fuzzy c-Means algorithms
* Maximin Initialization for Cluster Analysis
* Nerf c-means: Non-Euclidean relational fuzzy clustering
* On Relational Data Versions of C-Means Algorithms
* Optimality tests for fixed points of the fuzzy c-means algorithm
* Relational duals of the C-means clustering algorithms
* Reply to Comments on: optimality test for fixed points
* Scalable visual assessment of cluster tendency for large data sets
* Visual cluster validity for prototype generator clustering models
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Hathcock, L.[Lee] Co Author Listing * Identification and Analysis of Microscale Hydrologic Flood Impacts Using Unmanned Aerial Systems

Hatheele, S. Co Author Listing * Tracking based depth-guided video inpainting

Hathibelagal, A.R.[Amithavikram R.] Co Author Listing * Correlated and uncorrelated invisible temporal white noise alters mesopic rod signaling

Hathorn, T.[Torsten] Co Author Listing * Deep transformation models: Tackling complex regression problems with neural network based transformation models

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