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Haton, J.P. Co Author Listing * Handwritten Arabic character recognition by the IRAC system
* Recognition of Handwritten Arabic Words and Sentences
* Signal-to-string conversion based on high likelihood regions using embedded dynamic programming
* Syntactic Approach for Handwritten Mathematical Formula Recognition, A
* Towards a general signal interpretation system-signal-to-symbol conversion level

Hatori, M.[Mitsutoshi] Co Author Listing * Detection and Tracking of Facial Features by Using a Facial Feature Model and Deformable Circular Template
* Digital watermarking using inter-block correlation
* Estimation of camera parameters from image sequence for model-based video coding
* Generation of Arbitrarily Focused Images by Using Multiple Differently Focused Images
* Implementations of on Sensor Image Compression and Comparisons Between Pixel and Column Parallel Architectures
* Iterative Reconstruction of an All-Focused Image by Using Multiple Differently Focused Images
* multiple person eye contact (MPEC) teleconferencing system, A
* New Image Sensor with Space Variant Sampling Control on a Focal Plane, A
* novel image sensor for video compression, A
* On Sensor Image Compression
* On sensor image compression for high pixel rate imaging: pixel parallel and column parallel architectures
* Registration and Blur Estimation Methods for Multiple Differently Focused Images
* Selection/substitution of Visual Features for Object Tracking
* Spatially variant flexible sampling control integrated on an image sensor
* teleconferencing system capable of multiple person eye contact (MPEC) using half mirrors and cameras placed at common points of extended lines of gaze, A
Includes: Hatori, M.[Mitsutoshi] Hatori, M.
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Hatori, Y.[Yoshinori] Co Author Listing * Arm Swing Identification Method with Template Update for Long Term Stability
* Comparison between DPCM and Hadamard Transform Coding in the Composite Coding of the NTSC Color TV Signal
* Deconvolution Method for View Interpolation Using Multiple Images of Circular Camera Array
* Generalized image retargeting via convex optimization
* Hybrid coding system for moving image
* Image-Based Refocusing by 3D Filtering
* Motion Compensated Prediction Method Based on Perspective Transform for Coding of Moving Images
* Motion vector detection system of a moving object on a screen
* Parallel Hybrid Video Coding Method Based on Noncausal Prediction with Multimode, A
* Special Issue on Very-Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
* Video Error Concealment Using Fidelity Tracking
* View Interpolation using defocused stereo images: A space-invariant filtering approach
Includes: Hatori, Y.[Yoshinori] Hatori, Y.
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Hatou, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * Robust Vegetation Index Based on Different UAV RGB Images to Estimate SPAD Values of Naked Barley Leaves, A

Hatoum, M.W.[Makram W.] Co Author Listing * Using Deep learning for image watermarking attack

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