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Heygster, G. Co Author Listing * Geolocation of AMSR-E Data
* Ice Concentration Retrieval from the Analysis of Microwaves: A New Methodology Designed for the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer
* Improving Multiyear Ice Concentration Estimates With Reanalysis Air Temperatures
* Improving Multiyear Sea Ice Concentration Estimates with Sea Ice Drift
* Monitoring Beach Topography and Nearshore Bathymetry Using Spaceborne Remote Sensing: A Review
* Rank Filters in Digital Image Processing
* Step-by-Step Validation of Antarctic ASI AMSR-E Sea-Ice Concentrations by MODIS and an Aerial Image
* Topographic Mapping of the German Tidal Flats Analyzing SAR Images With the Waterline Method
Includes: Heygster, G. Heygster, G.[Georg]
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