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Himabindu, T.V.R. Co Author Listing * Recommender system algorithms: A comparative analysis based on monotonicity

Himaga, M.[Mitsutoshi] Co Author Listing * Detection of Fundus Lesions Using Classifier Selection

Himane, S.B.[Selim Ben] Co Author Listing * Inertial sensor-aligned visual feature descriptors

Himani, T.[Tanish] Co Author Listing * Microwave Resolution Enhancement Using Distributed Small Spacecraft Architectures

Himawan, I. Co Author Listing * Automatic region-of-interest detection and prioritisation for visually optimised coding of low bit rate videos
* Heteroscedastic probabilistic linear discriminant analysis for manifold learning in video-based face recognition
* User-driven saliency maps for evaluating Region-of-Interest detection
Includes: Himawan, I. Himawan, I.[Ivan]

Himayat, N. Co Author Listing * Median and robust polynomial filters for multivariate image data
* Multivariate MTM filters-analysis and design options
* Nonlinear Filtering Techniques for Multivariate Images: Design and Robustness Characterization
* Structure for Adaptive Order Statistics Filtering, A

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