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Houkes, Z. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Geometry and Motion of a Surface from Image Sequences by Means of Linearization of a Parametric Model, The
* Estimation-Based Approach for Range Image Segmentation: On the Reliability of Primitive Extraction, An
* Model Driven Approach to Extract Buildings from Multi-View Aerial Imagery, A
* Model-Based Recognition and Parameter Estimation of Buildings from Multi-View Aerial Imagery Using Multi-Segmentation
* Motion Parameter Estimation in TV Pictures
* note on conic fitting by the gradient weighted least-squares estimation: refined eigenvector solution, A
* Solution to the Correspondence Problem in Multi-View Imagery, A
* Statistical Model to Describe Invariants Extracted from a 3-D Quadric Surface Patch and its Applications in Region-Based Recognition, A
Includes: Houkes, Z. Houkes, Z.[Zweitze]
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