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Hsin, C.H.[Cheng Ho] Co Author Listing * Single-image 3-D depth estimation for urban scenes
Includes: Hsin, C.H.[Cheng Ho] Hsin, C.H.[Cheng-Ho]

Hsin, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Deep Poisoning: Towards Robust Image Data Sharing against Visual Disclosure

Hsin, H.C.[Hsi Chin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive modulated wavelet subband image coding
* adaptive modulated wavelet transform image representation, The
* Experiment on Texture Segmentation Using Modulated Wavelets, An
* fast wavelet-packet-based algorithm for texture synthesis, A
* Image coding with modulated wavelets
* Inverse texture synthesis in wavelet packet trees
* Memory-Efficiency and High-Speed Architectures for Forward and Inverse DCT with Multiplierless Operation
* Multiscale 2D Kalman filtering based on wavelet transform
* Saliency histogram equalisation and its application to image resizing
* Texture segmentation in the joint photographic expert group 2000 domain
* Texture Segmentation Using Modulated Wavelet Transform
* Video retargeting based on SH equalisation and seam carving
* Wavelet tree classification and hybrid coding for image compression
Includes: Hsin, H.C.[Hsi Chin] Hsin, H.C.[Hsi-Chin] Hsin, H.C.
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Hsin, H.F.[Heng Feng] Co Author Listing * Image Inpainting Using Structure-Guided Priority Belief Propagation and Label Transformations
Includes: Hsin, H.F.[Heng Feng] Hsin, H.F.[Heng-Feng]

Hsing, T.[Tailen] Co Author Listing * coefficient of intrinsic dependence (feature selection using el CID), The

Hsing, T.L.[Tung Lun] Co Author Listing * email: Hsing, T.L.[Tung Lun]: lhtung AT cs cuhk edu hk

Hsing, T.R.[To R.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive thresholder
* Digital Coding Techniques for Visual Communications
* Video on Phone Lines: Technology and Applications
* Visual Communications and Image Processing
* Visual Communications and Image Processing '88
* Visual Communications and Image Processing '90
* Visual Communications and Image Processing II
Includes: Hsing, T.R.[To R.] Hsing, T.R.
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