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Ieng, S.[Siohoi] Co Author Listing * Fisher-Rao Metric for Paracatadioptric Images of Lines, A

Ieng, S.H.[Sio Hoi] Co Author Listing * Asynchronous Event-Based Fourier Analysis
* Asynchronous Neuromorphic Event-Driven Image Filtering
* Auto-Organized Visual Perception Using Distributed Camera Network
* Real-Time High Speed Motion Prediction Using Fast Aperture-Robust Event-Driven Visual Flow
* Shapes to synchronize camera networks
* Simultaneous Mosaicing and Tracking with an Event Camera
* Synchronization Using Shapes
Includes: Ieng, S.H.[Sio Hoi] Ieng, S.H.[Sio-Hoi]
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Ieng, S.S.[Sio Song] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Robust Image Alignment for Road Profile Reconstruction
* Detecting and Classifying Road Turn Directions from a Sequence of Images
* Evaluation of Robust Fitting Based Detection
* Using Robust Estimation Algorithms for Tracking Explicit Curves
Includes: Ieng, S.S.[Sio Song] Ieng, S.S.[Sio-Song] Ieng, S.S.

Iengo, D. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Facial Features for Inherently Safer Face Recognition

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