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Iiguni, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic pencil sketch generation by using Canny edges
* Convergence analysis of the adaptive lattice filter for a mixed Gaussian input sequence
* Convergence performance of adaptive lattice filters with nonlinear parameter updates
* Detection of view-disturbing noise by using time-axial clustering in spatio-temporal image
* Hierarchical Image-Coding via Cerebellar Model Arithmetic Computers
* Interpolation capability of the periodic radial basis function network
* Learning of structuring elements for morphological image model with a sparsity prior
* Matching parameter estimation by using the radial basis function interpolation
* Moment Invariants of the Weighted Image
* Online Recognition of Handwritten Hiragana Characters Based Upon a Complex Autoregressive Model
* Sparse image representations with shift-invariant tree-structured dictionaries
Includes: Iiguni, Y. Iiguni, Y.[Yoji] Iiguni, Y.[Youji]
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