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Ikeba, D.[Daiki] Co Author Listing * Showing Different Images to Observers by Using Difference in Retinal Impulse Response

Ikebata, S. Co Author Listing * Detection of small moving object by optical flow

Ikebe, K. Co Author Listing * Digital audio watermarking method based on wavelet transform
* Filter coefficients of the fractional Hilbert transforms of biorthogonal wavelets
Includes: Ikebe, K. Ikebe, K.[Kazuma]

Ikebe, M.[Masayuki] Co Author Listing * Accuracy improvement of histogram-based image filtering
* Adaptive Global and Local Tone Mapping Algorithm Implemented on FPGA, An
* Halo control for LHE based local adaptive tone mapping
* Local adaptive tone mapping with composite multiple gamma functions
* O(1) bilateral filtering with low memory usage
* Real-Time Tone Mapping: A Survey and Cross-Implementation Hardware Benchmark
Includes: Ikebe, M.[Masayuki] Ikebe, M.

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