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Intajag, S. Co Author Listing * Iterative satellite image segmentation by fuzzy hit-or-miss and homogeneity index

Intarapanich, A. Co Author Listing * Iterative Neighbor-Joining tree clustering algorithm for genotypic data

Intararuang, W.[Wissarut] Co Author Listing * Integrated Field and Remote Sensing Method for Mapping Seagrass Species, Cover, and Biomass in Southern Thailand, An

Intaratat, S. Co Author Listing * Self-learning structure for text localization

Intas, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Extension of the OGC Web Feature Service Standard for Multiple Representation

Intawong, K. Co Author Listing * Detection of entry and exit zones in image sequences for automatic traffic analysis
* New Pixel-Based Quality Measure for Segmentation Algorithms Integrating Precision, Recall and Specificity, A
Includes: Intawong, K. Intawong, K.[Kannikar]

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