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Iu, H.H.C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search for Solving Generalized Lock Scheduling Problem: Comparative Study With Exact Methods, An

Iu, S.L.[Siu Leong] Co Author Listing * Estimation of General Rigid Body Motion from a Long Sequence of Images
* FLAT MMF: A New Recursive Technique for the 3-D Motion Analysis
* Motion Field Modeling and Estimation using Motion Transformation
* Re-examining the Optical Flow Constraint: A New Optical Flow Algorithm with Outlier rejection
* Recovery of 3D Motion of a Single Particle
* Robust Estimation of Motion Vector-Fields with Discontinuity and Occlusion Using Local Outliers Rejection
* Video signal noise reduction system using time-varying filter coefficients
Includes: Iu, S.L.[Siu Leong] Iu, S.L.[Siu-Leong] Iu, S.L.
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