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Iyatomi, H.[Hitoshi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fuzzy inference neural network
* Automated color normalization for dermoscopy images
* Automated Habit Detection System: A Feasibility Study
* Automatic Identification of Shot Body Region from Clinical Photographies
* Basic Study of Automated Diagnosis of Viral Plant Diseases Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Building of Readable Decision Trees for Automated Melanoma Discrimination
* Contrast enhancement in dermoscopy images by maximizing a histogram bimodality measure
* Localization of Lesions in Dermoscopy Images Using Ensembles of Thresholding Methods
* Melanoma Classification Using Dermoscopy Imaging and Ensemble Learning
* Miinet: An Image Quality Improvement Framework for Supporting Medical Diagnosis
* Prototype of Super-Resolution Camera Array System
* Robust border detection in dermoscopy images using threshold fusion
* Scenery image recognition and interpretation using fuzzy inference neural networks
* Skin lesion extraction in dermoscopic images based on colour enhancement and iterative segmentation
Includes: Iyatomi, H.[Hitoshi] Iyatomi, H.
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