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Jamzad, M.[Mansour] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Modeling Print and Scan Operations Used for Watermarking, An
* Architecture to improve the accuracy of automatic image annotation systems
* Atom specific multiple kernel dictionary based Sparse Representation Classifier for medium scale image classification
* Automatic image annotation by a loosely joint non-negative matrix factorisation
* Automatic image annotation using semi-supervised generative modeling
* Automatic Image Annotation using Tag Relations and Graph Convolutional Networks
* Cluster-based adaptive SVM: A latent subdomains discovery method for domain adaptation problems
* Distribution of Watermark According to Image Complexity for Higher Stability
* Efficient multi-modal fusion on supergraph for scalable image annotation
* Fully automated glioma tumour segmentation using anatomical symmetry plane detection in multimodal brain MRI
* Heterogeneous domain adaptation using previously learned classifier for object detection problem
* Image annotation using multi-view non-negative matrix factorization with different number of basis vectors
* Introducing a Two Dimensional Measure for Watermarking Capacity in Images
* Leveraging multi-modal fusion for graph-based image annotation
* Motion Blur Identification in Noisy Images Using Feed-Forward Back Propagation Neural Network
* Motion blur identification in noisy images using mathematical models and statistical measures
* Post Rectifying Methods to Improve the Accuracy of Image Annotation
* Real time classification and tracking of multiple vehicles in highways
* Restoring highly corrupted images by impulse noise using radial basis functions interpolation
* Robust watermarking against print and scan attack through efficient modeling algorithm
* Robust Zero-Watermark Copyright Protection Scheme Based on DWT and Image Normalization, A
* SVM-based model-transferring method for heterogeneous domain adaptation, A
* User Adaptive Clustering for Large Image Databases
* Weight-based colour constancy using contrast stretching
Includes: Jamzad, M.[Mansour] Jamzad, M.
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