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Janjic, S.[Sasa] Co Author Listing * Deeper Look at Saliency: Feature Contrast, Semantics, and Beyond, A

Janjua, K.S.[Khurram Shahzad] Co Author Listing * Updating Maps Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery

Janjua, M.K. Co Author Listing * Do Cross Modal Systems Leverage Semantic Relationships?
* Movement-induced Priors for Deep Stereo
Includes: Janjua, M.K. Janjua, M.K.[Muhammad Kamran]

Janjua, N.K.[Naeem K.] Co Author Listing * Boosting Deep Transfer Learning for Covid-19 Classification

Janjua, U.I.[Uzair Iqbal] Co Author Listing * automatic gastric polyp detection technique using deep learning, An
* Brain tumor segmentation and multiview multiscale-based radiomic model for patient's overall survival prediction
* Multi-level dilated convolutional neural network for brain tumour segmentation and multi-view-based radiomics for overall survival prediction

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