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Jaques, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * NewtonianVAE: Proportional Control and Goal Identification from Pixels via Physical Latent Spaces

Jaques, N.[Natasha] Co Author Listing * Less is More: Generating Grounded Navigation Instructions from Landmarks
* Personalized Multitask Learning for Predicting Tomorrow's Mood, Stress, and Health
* Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning
Includes: Jaques, N.[Natasha] Jaques, N.

Jaquet, C.[Clara] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Separating Planes between Touching 3D Objects Using Power Watershed

Jaquish, J. Co Author Listing * Interactive Visualization Method for Integrating Digital Elevation Models and Geographic Information Systems Vector Layers, An

Jaquith, E.W.[Eric W.] Co Author Listing * Computing Visual Correspondence: Incorporating the Probability of a False Match
* Method for comparing image sections to determine similarity therebetween
* Method for identifying word bounding boxes in text

Jaquot, P.[Pauline] Co Author Listing * Review of Irrigation Information Retrievals from Space and Their Utility for Users, A

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