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Klibanov, M. Co Author Listing * Convexification Method for an Inverse Scattering Problem and Its Performance for Experimental Backscatter Data for Buried Targets
* Numerical Method to Solve a Phaseless Coefficient Inverse Problem from a Single Measurement of Experimental Data, A

Klibanov, M.V.[Michael Victor] Co Author Listing * Convexification for a Three-Dimensional Inverse Scattering Problem with the Moving Point Source
* Globally accelerated reconstruction algorithm for diffusion tomography with continuous-wave source in an arbitrary convex shape domain
* Imaging of Buried Objects from Experimental Backscattering Time-Dependent Measurements Using a Globally Convergent Inverse Algorithm
* Quantitative Image Recovery From Measured Blind Backscattered Data Using a Globally Convergent Inverse Method
* Reconstruction method with data from a multiple-site continuous-wave source for three-dimensional optical tomography
* Through-the-Wall Nonlinear SAR Imaging
Includes: Klibanov, M.V.[Michael Victor] Klibanov, M.V.[Michael V.] Klibanov, M.V.

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