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Kobylinska, K.[Katarzyna] Co Author Listing * Application of Hierarchical Spatial Autoregressive Models to Develop Land Value Maps in Urbanized Areas
* Modelling and Simulation of Selected Real Estate Market Spatial Phenomena

Kobylinski, L.[Lukasz] Co Author Listing * Jumping Emerging Substrings in Image Classification

Kobyshev, N.[Nikolay] Co Author Listing * 3D Saliency for Finding Landmark Buildings
* Architectural decomposition for 3D landmark building understanding
* DSLR-Quality Photos on Mobile Devices with Deep Convolutional Networks
* Efficient architectural structural element decomposition
* Fast Perceptual Image Enhancement
* Frankenhorse: Automatic Completion of Articulating Objects from Image-based Reconstruction
* Matching Features Correctly through Semantic Understanding
* PIRM Challenge on Perceptual Image Enhancement on Smartphones: Report
* WESPE: Weakly Supervised Photo Enhancer for Digital Cameras
Includes: Kobyshev, N.[Nikolay] Kobyshev, N.
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