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Koisecka, J.[Jana] Co Author Listing * Strangeness Based Feature Selection for Part Based Recognition
Includes: Koisecka, J.[Jana] KoĦsecka, J.[Jana]

Koishida, K. Co Author Listing * Improved Active Speaker Detection based on Optical Flow
* MMTM: Multimodal Transfer Module for CNN Fusion

Koishybay, K.[Kenessary] Co Author Listing * Continuous Sign Language Recognition with Iterative Spatiotemporal Fine-tuning

Koistinen, J. Co Author Listing * Modeling Radar Attenuation by a Low Melting Layer With Optimized Model Parameters at C-Band

Koistinen, K.[Katri] Co Author Listing * Georeferencing Multi-Temporal and Multi-Scale Imagery in Photogrammetry

Koistinen, P. Co Author Listing * Neural and Statistical Classifiers: Taxonomy and Two Case-Studies
* Neural Network and Statistical Perspectives of Classification

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