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Kreibich, H.[Heidi] Co Author Listing * Extrapolating Satellite-Based Flood Masks by One-Class Classification: A Test Case in Houston

Kreibig, S.D. Co Author Listing * Role of Visual Complexity in Affective Reactions to Webpages: Subjective, Eye Movement, and Cardiovascular Responses, The

Kreiborg, S. Co Author Listing * BoneXpert Method for Automated Determination of Skeletal Maturity, The
* Genus zero graph segmentation: Estimation of intracranial volume
* Multi-scale Singularity Trees: Soft-Linked Scale-Space Hierarchies
* Sparse Statistical Deformation Model for the Analysis of Craniofacial Malformations in the Crouzon Mouse
* Statistical Model of Head Asymmetry in Infants with Deformational Plagiocephaly, A
* Surface-bounded growth modeling applied to human mandibles
Includes: Kreiborg, S. Kreiborg, S.[Sven]

Kreich, J. Co Author Listing * Experimental Environment for Model Based Document Analysis, An

Kreidieh, A.R.[Abdul Rahman] Co Author Listing * Multi-receptive field graph convolutional neural networks for pedestrian detection

Kreidieh, M.[Maya] Co Author Listing * Context-aware learning for automatic sports highlight recognition

Kreifeldt, J.G. Co Author Listing * Point Pattern Representation Using Imprecise, Incomplete, Nonmetric Information
* Uniquely Representing Point Patterns with Minimal Information

Kreilinger, A. Co Author Listing * Functional Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed Upper Extremity After Spinal Cord Injury by Noninvasive Hybrid Neuroprostheses

Kreiman, G. Co Author Listing * Can Deep Learning Recognize Subtle Human Activities?
* Examining high level neural representations of cluttered scenes
* Putting Visual Object Recognition in Context
* When Pigs Fly: Contextual Reasoning in Synthetic and Natural Scenes
Includes: Kreiman, G. Kreiman, G.[Gabriel]

Krein, P. Co Author Listing * Electrified Vehicles and the Smart Grid: The ITS Perspective

Kreiner, M.B. Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Sentinel-1 and AMSR2 Data Fusion, A

Kreinovich, V. Co Author Listing * Automatic referencing of multi-spectral images
* On the optimal choice of quality metric in image compression

Kreis, K.[Karsten] Co Author Listing * BigDatasetGAN: Synthesizing ImageNet with Pixel-wise Annotations
* Causal BERT: Improving object detection by searching for challenging groups
* Neural Geometric Level of Detail: Real-time Rendering with Implicit 3D Shapes
* Polymorphic-GAN: Generating Aligned Samples across Multiple Domains with Learned Morph Maps
* Semantic Segmentation with Generative Models: Semi-Supervised Learning and Strong Out-of-Domain Generalization

Kreis, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Digital Holography Methods in 3D-TV
* Experimental investigation of holographic 3D-TV approach

Kreiseler, D.[Dieter] Co Author Listing * Verification of Humans Using the Electrocardiogram

Kreiss, S.[Sven] Co Author Listing * Human Trajectory Forecasting in Crowds: A Deep Learning Perspective
* Keypoint Communities
* MonoLoco: Monocular 3D Pedestrian Localization and Uncertainty Estimation
* OpenPifPaf: Composite Fields for Semantic Keypoint Detection and Spatio-Temporal Association
* Perceiving Humans: From Monocular 3D Localization to Social Distancing
* PifPaf: Composite Fields for Human Pose Estimation
Includes: Kreiss, S.[Sven] Kreiss, S.

Kreitman, H.[Haim] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for generating a screened reproduction of an image
* System for implanting an image into a video stream

Kreitz, S. Co Author Listing * Direct enumeration and size classification of soil bacteria using confocal laser scanning microscopy and image analysis

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