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Kucuk, H.[Haluk] Co Author Listing * Driver Profiling Using Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Methods
Includes: Kucuk, H.[Haluk] Küçük, H.[Haluk]

Kucuk, K. Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition for Ambient Sensing Data and Rule Based Anomaly Detection
* Optimal resource utilisation algorithm for visible light communication-based vehicular ad-hoc networks
Includes: Kucuk, K. Küçük, K. Kucuk, K.[Kerem]

Kucuk, N. Co Author Listing * Tumor-Cut: Segmentation of Brain Tumors on Contrast Enhanced MR Images for Radiosurgery Applications

Kucuk, S. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Transform Embeddings in Mesh Architectures

Kucukay, F. Co Author Listing * Energy Management for Fuel-Cell Hybrid Vehicles Based on Specific Fuel Consumption Due to Load Shifting

Kucukdemirci, M.[Melda] Co Author Listing * GPR Data Processing and Interpretation Based on Artificial Intelligence Approaches: Future Perspectives for Archaeological Prospection
Includes: Kucukdemirci, M.[Melda] Küçükdemirci, M.[Melda]

Kucukkomurler, A. Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Efficient Moving Object Detection for Low-Altitude Aerial Platforms

Kucukmanisa, A.[Ayhan] Co Author Listing * Real-time illumination and shadow invariant lane detection on mobile platform
* Robust and real-time lane detection filter based on adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system
Includes: Kucukmanisa, A.[Ayhan] Küçükmanisa, A.[Ayhan]

Kucuktunc, O.[Onur] Co Author Listing * Animation of Boiling Phenomena
* Fuzzy color histogram-based video segmentation
* Video copy detection using multiple visual cues and MPEG-7 descriptors

Kucukyilmaz, T.[Tayfun] Co Author Listing * Boosting gender identification using author preference

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