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Kunwar, F.[Faraz] Co Author Listing * Cellular automata based real time path planning for mobile robots
* Rendezvous-Guidance Trajectory Planning for Robotic Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance and Interception
Includes: Kunwar, F.[Faraz] Kunwar, F.

Kunwar, R.[Rituraj] Co Author Listing * Online Handwriting Recognition of Tamil Script Using Fractal Geometry
* Online Handwritten Kannada Word Recognizer with Unrestricted Vocabulary
* Semi-supervised Online Bayesian Network Learner for Handwritten Characters Recognition
* Semi-supervised Online Learning of Handwritten Characters Using a Bayesian Classifier

Kunwar, S.[Saket] Co Author Listing * Segmentation and Classification of Nepal Earthquake Induced Landslides Using Sentinel-1 Product

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