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Kurdahi, F.[Fadi] Co Author Listing * Camera-based video synchronization for a federation of mobile projectors
* hierarchical pipelining architecture and FPGA implementation for lifting-based 2-D DWT, A
* Mobile Collaborative Video

Kurdel, P.[Pavol] Co Author Listing * Sea Wind Measurement by Doppler Navigation System with X-Configured Beams in Rectilinear Flight
* Towards the Sea Ice and Wind Measurement by a C-Band Scatterometer at Dual VV/HH Polarization: A Prospective Appraisal

Kurdi, F.T.[Fayez Tarsha] Co Author Listing * 3D LoD2 and LoD3 Modeling of Buildings with Ornamental Towers and Turrets Based on LiDAR Data
* Automatic Filtering of Lidar Building Point Cloud in Case of Trees Associated to Building Roof
* Building Boundary Extraction from LiDAR Point Cloud Data
* Comparative Approach of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Restrictions in Controlled Airspaces
* Effective Selection of Variable Point Neighbourhood for Feature Point Extraction from Aerial Building Point Cloud Data
* Full Series Algorithm of Automatic Building Extraction and Modelling from LiDAR Data
* Review of Automatic Processing of Topography and Surface Feature Identification LiDAR Data Using Machine Learning Techniques
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Kurdi, H.[Heba] Co Author Listing * Fish-Inspired Task Allocation Algorithm for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Search and Rescue Missions
* Tide-Inspired Path Planning Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles

Kurdila, A. Co Author Listing * Gaussian process dynamic modeling of bat flapping flight
* real-time grid map generation and object classification for ground-based 3D LIDAR data using image analysis techniques, A
Includes: Kurdila, A. Kurdila, A.[Andrew]

Kurdoglu, E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Prioritized Random Linear Coding and Scheduling for Layered Data Delivery From Multiple Servers
* Dealing With User Heterogeneity in P2P Multi-Party Video Conferencing: Layered Distribution Versus Partitioned Simulcast
* Perceptual Quality Maximization for Video Calls With Packet Losses by Optimizing FEC, Frame Rate, and Quantization

Kurdthongmee, W. Co Author Listing * hardware centric algorithm for the best matching unit searching stage of the SOM-based quantizer and its FPGA implementation, A
* novel Kohonen SOM-based image compression architecture suitable for moderate density FPGAs, A
* Utilization of a rational-based representation to improve the image quality of a hardware-based K-SOM quantizer

Kurdy, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Virtual Anastylosis And Reconstruction Of Some Buildings in the Site of Saint-Simeon, Syria

Kurdziel, M.[Marcin] Co Author Listing * Neighbor-rank densities for non-metric data

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