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Malz, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Elevation and Mass Changes of the Southern Patagonia Icefield Derived from TanDEM-X and SRTM Data

Malzbender, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Enhancement of Shape Perception by Surface Reflectance Transformation
* evaluation of stereo matching methods for view interpolation, An
* histogram-based color consistency test for voxel coloring, A
* Invisible light: Using infrared for video conference relighting
* Methods for Volumetric Reconstruction of Visual Scenes
* Non-photorealistic rendering from multiple images
* Prints that respond to lighting direction
* Robust estimation of surface properties and interpolation of shadow/specularity components
* Specularity and Shadow Interpolation via Robust Polynomial Texture Maps
* Stereo Matching and View Interpolation Based on Image Domain Triangulation
* Stereo matching based on image triangulation for view synthesis
* Volumetric Warping for Voxel Coloring on an Infinite Domain
Includes: Malzbender, T.[Thomas] Malzbender, T. Malzbender, T.[Tom]
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Malzer, M.[Moritz] Co Author Listing * Random bounce algorithm: Real-time image processing for the detection of bats and birds
Includes: Malzer, M.[Moritz] Mälzer, M.[Moritz] (Maybe also Maelzer, M.)

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