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Mary Huard, T.[Tristan] Co Author Listing * Tailored Aggregation for Classification
Includes: Mary Huard, T.[Tristan] Mary-Huard, T.[Tristan]

Mary, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Electro-Magnetic Geophysical Dynamics under Conservation and Conventional Farming

Mary, D. Co Author Listing * Blind and Fully Constrained Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images
* Detection of astrophysical sources in hyperspectral data. Applications to the MUSE instrument
* PAINTER: A spatiospectral image reconstruction algorithm for optical interferometry
Includes: Mary, D. Mary, D.[David]

Mary, J.[Jeremie] Co Author Listing * Do Not Mask What You Do Not Need to Mask: A Parser-free Virtual Try-on
* Latent reweighting, an almost free improvement for GANs
* Visual Reasoning with Multi-hop Feature Modulation
Includes: Mary, J.[Jeremie] Mary, J.[Jérémie]

Mary, M.C.H.[M. C. Helen] Co Author Listing * Detecting changes in cardiovascular interaction during postural stress using directed coherence

Mary, P.C.N.[Petchimuthu Christy Nirmala] Co Author Listing * Towards an Operational SAR-Based Rice Monitoring System in Asia: Examples from 13 Demonstration Sites across Asia in the RIICE Project

Mary, P.D.G.[P.D. Geona] Co Author Listing * Entropy-Based Reweighted Tensor Completion Technique for Video Recovery

Maryem, B. Co Author Listing * Stress-free mobile app for Moroccan university students: relaxation program validation

Maryem, M. Co Author Listing * Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks using Fuzzy Logic: A survey

Maryland, U.O.[University Of] Co Author Listing * Algorithms and Hardware Technology for Image Recognition

Maryn Jimenez, M.J.[Manuel J.] Co Author Listing * Gender Recognition in Non Controlled Environments
Includes: Maryn Jimenez, M.J.[Manuel J.] Maryn-Jimenez, M.J.[Manuel J.]

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