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McVicar, M.[Matt] Co Author Listing * SuMoTED: An intuitive edit distance between rooted unordered uniquely-labelled trees

McVicar, T.R.[Tim R.] Co Author Listing * Advantages of Using Microwave Satellite Soil Moisture over Gridded Precipitation Products and Land Surface Model Output in Assessing Regional Vegetation Water Availability and Growth Dynamics for a Lateral Inflow Receiving Landscape
* Blending Landsat and MODIS Data to Generate Multispectral Indices: A Comparison of 'Index-then-Blend' and 'Blend-then-Index' Approaches
* Estimation and Validation of Land Surface Broadband Albedos and Leaf Area Index from EO-1 ALI Data
* Preprocessing EO-1 Hyperion Hyperspectral Data to Support the Application of Agricultural Indexes
* Reconstructing cloud-contaminated NDVI images with SAR-Optical fusion using spatio-temporal partitioning and multiple linear regression
* To Blend or Not to Blend? A Framework for Nationwide Landsat-MODIS Data Selection for Crop Yield Prediction
Includes: McVicar, T.R.[Tim R.] McVicar, T.R.

McVicker, W. Co Author Listing * Surface Reconstruction of Maltese Cisterns Using ROV Sonar Data for Archeological Study

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