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Mekonnen, A.A.[Alhayat Ali] Co Author Listing * Combination of RGB-D Features for Head and Upper Body Orientation Classification
* Comparative Evaluations of Selected Tracking-by-Detection Approaches
* comparative view on exemplar tracking-by-detection approaches, A
* Cooperative passers-by tracking with a mobile robot and external cameras
* Identifying Hazardous Crash Locations Using Empirical Bayes and Spatial Autocorrelation
* multi-modal perception based assistive robotic system for the elderly, A
* People Detection with Heterogeneous Features and Explicit Optimization on Computation Time
* Person Detection with a Computation Time Weighted AdaBoost
* Soft-Cascade Learning with Explicit Computation Time Considerations
* Tracking-by-detection of multiple persons by a resample-move particle filter
Includes: Mekonnen, A.A.[Alhayat Ali] Mekonnen, A.A. Mekonnen, A.A.[Anteneh Afework]
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