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Migita, M. Co Author Listing * Preliminary study on automatic printing system for film package considering distortion
* Spatially adaptive image defogging using color characteristics

Migita, T.[Tsuyoshi] Co Author Listing * Collaboration of geometry and photometry for virtual exhibitions of tangible and intangible cultural heritages
* Direct Bundle Estimation for Recovery of Shape, Reflectance Property and Light Position
* Evaluation of Epipole Estimation Methods with/without Rank-2 Constraint across Algebraic/Geometric Error Functions
* One-Dimensional Search for Reliable Epipole Estimation
* Real-life Test of Face Recognition System for Dialogue Interface Robot in Ubiquitous Environments, A
* Specular-Free Residual Minimization for Photometric Stereo with Unknown Light Sources
* Stable Recovery of Shape and Motion from Partially Tracked Feature Points with Fast Nonlinear Optimization
* Thin Lens Based Camera Model for Depth Estimation from Blur and Translation by Zooming, A
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