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Misiak, D.[Danny] Co Author Listing * Automatic analysis of flourescence labeled neurites in microscope images

Misiak, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Visualizing Software Architectures in Virtual Reality with an Island Metaphor

Misic, V. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Object Tracking by Partial Shape Matching for Video Surveillance Applications
* Encoding and processing of color engravings (using MRC)

Misimi, E.[Ekrem] Co Author Listing * Simple Computer Vision Method for Automatic Detection of Melanin Spots in Atlantic Salmon Fillets, A

Misiuk, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Harmonizing Multi-Source Sonar Backscatter Datasets for Seabed Mapping Using Bulk Shift Approaches

Misiukas, J.M.[Jennifer Murrins] Co Author Listing * Tropical Forest Monitoring: Challenges and Recent Progress in Research

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