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Morvan, J.M.[Jean Marie] Co Author Listing * 3D assisted face recognition via progressive pose estimation
* 3D Facial Expression Recognition Based on Histograms of Surface Differential Quantities
* 3D facial expression recognition via multiple kernel learning of Multi-Scale Local Normal Patterns
* automatic 3D expression recognition framework based on sparse representation of conformal images, An
* Combining Points and Tangents into Parabolic Polygons: An Affine Invariant Model for Plane Curves
* efficient multimodal 2D + 3D feature-based approach to automatic facial expression recognition, An
* Expression Robust 3D Face Recognition via Mesh-Based Histograms of Multiple Order Surface Differential Quantities
* Generalized Curvatures
* Improving Shadow Suppression for Illumination Robust Face Recognition
* Principal Curvature Measures Estimation and Application to 3D Face Recognition
* Towards 3D Face Recognition in the Real: A Registration-Free Approach Using Fine-Grained Matching of 3D Keypoint Descriptors
Includes: Morvan, J.M.[Jean Marie] Morvan, J.M.[Jean-Marie]
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Morvan, P. Co Author Listing * Modern displays: Why we see different colors, and what it means?
* Multiple Color Matches to Estimate Human Color Vision Sensitivities
Includes: Morvan, P. Morvan, P.[Patrick]

Morvan, S. Co Author Listing * High Resolution Radar Tomography

Morvan, T.[Tangui] Co Author Listing * Visualization and Fusion System for Image Guided RFA Procedures, A

Morvan, Y.[Yannick] Co Author Listing * Depth-Image Compression Based on an R-D Optimized Quadtree Decomposition for the Transmission of Multiview Images
* Effect of Depth Compression on Multiview Rendering Quality, The
* effects of multiview depth video compression on multiview rendering, The
* Incorporating Depth-Image Based View-Prediction into H.264 for Multiview-Image Coding
* integrated image and sketching environment for archaeological sites, An
* Multiview Depth-Image Compression Using an Extended H.264 Encoder
* Quality improving techniques in DIBR for free-viewpoint video
Includes: Morvan, Y.[Yannick] Morvan, Y. Morvan, Y.[Yann]
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Morvant, E.[Emilie] Co Author Listing * Domain adaptation of weighted majority votes via perturbed variation-based self-labeling
* Majority Vote of Diverse Classifiers for Late Fusion
* Metric Learning from Imbalanced Data with Generalization Guarantees

Morveli Espinoza, M.M.M.[M. Mariela M.] Co Author Listing * Logic as Energy: A SAT-Based Approach
Includes: Morveli Espinoza, M.M.M.[M. Mariela M.] Morveli-Espinoza, M.M.M.[M. Mariela M.]

Morvidone, M. Co Author Listing * novel V-line Radon transform and its imaging applications, A

Morvillo, M.[Monica] Co Author Listing * DInSAR for a Regional Inventory of Active Rock Glaciers in the Dry Andes Mountains of Argentina and Chile with Sentinel-1 Data

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