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Nagi, A.S.[Anmol Sharan] Co Author Listing * RUF: Effective Sea Ice Floe Segmentation Using End-to-End RES-UNET-CRF with Dual Loss

Nagi, J.[Jawad] Co Author Listing * Learning symmetric face pose models online using locally weighted projectron regression

Nagi, R. Co Author Listing * On Comparing Bills of Materials: A Similarity/ Distance Measure for Unordered Trees
* Risk-Averse Equilibria for Vehicle Navigation in Stochastic Congestion Games
Includes: Nagi, R. Nagi, R.[Rakesh]

Nagin, P.A. Co Author Listing * Authors' Reply
* Region Extraction and Description Through Planning
* Region Growing in Textured Outdoor Scenes
* Segmentation Processes in the VISIONS System
* Segmentation, Evaluation, and Natural Scenes
* Studies in Global and Local Histogram Guided Relaxation Algorithms
* Studies in Image Segmentation Algorithms Based on Histogram Clustering and Relaxation
* Variations in Relaxation Labeling Techniques
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Nagira, K.[Kohei] Co Author Listing * Infinite Sparse Factor Analysis for Blind Source Separation in Reverberant Environments

Nagireddy, K. Co Author Listing * Tamper video detection and localization using an adaptive segmentation and deep network technique

Nagisetty, R.M.[Raja M.] Co Author Listing * Satellite and sUAS Multispectral Remote Sensing Analysis of Vegetation Response to Beaver Mimicry Restoration on Blacktail Creek, Southwest Montana
* sUAS Remote Sensing to Evaluate Geothermal Seep Interactions with the Yellowstone River, Montana, USA

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