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Ndione, J.A.[Jacques Andre] Co Author Listing * Do Agrometeorological Data Improve Optical Satellite-Based Estimations of the Herbaceous Yield in Sahelian Semi-Arid Ecosystems?
* Fodder Biomass Monitoring in Sahelian Rangelands Using Phenological Metrics from FAPAR Time Series
* Rainfall Intra-Seasonal Variability and Vegetation Growth in the Ferlo Basin (Senegal)
Includes: Ndione, J.A.[Jacques Andre] Ndione, J.A.[Jacques André]

Ndiour, I.J.[Ibrahima J.] Co Author Listing * Noise estimation and adaptive filtering during visual tracking
* Probabilistic Contour Observer For Online Visual Tracking, A
* probabilistic shape filter for online contour tracking, A

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