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Nezhad, H.R.M.[Hamid R Motahari] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Unsupervised Document Image Blind Denoising

Nezhad, M.M.[Meysam Majidi] Co Author Listing * Marine Online Platforms of Services to Public End-Users: The Innovation of the ODYSSEA Project
* Principal Component Analysis Methodology of Oil Spill Detection and Monitoring Using Satellite Remote Sensing Sensors, A

Nezhad, M.S.R.[Mohammad Shafiei Rezvani] Co Author Listing * Ground-truth localisation system for humanoid soccer robots using RGB-D camera

Nezhadarya, E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hierarchical Down-Sampling for Point Cloud Classification
* efficient method for robust gradient estimation of RGB color images, An
* Image quality monitoring using spread spectrum watermarking
* New Scheme for Robust Gradient Vector Estimation in Color Images, A
* Sparse representation-based image quality assessment
* Stochastic Whitening Batch Normalization
* Watermark survival chance (WSC) concept for improving watermark robustness against JPEG compression
Includes: Nezhadarya, E. Nezhadarya, E.[Ehsan]
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