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Nooshabadi, S.[Saeid] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Multiple Parallel Block Coding in JPEG2000
* Design and Analysis of System on a Chip Encoder for JPEG2000
* Efficient Implementation Techniques for Maximum Likelihood-Based Error Correction for JPEG2000
* Efficient Interfacing of DWT and EBCOT in JPEG2000
* Error resilient JPEG2000 decoding for wireless applications
* feasible VLSI engine for soft-input-soft-output for joint source channel codes, A
* G-SHOT: GPU accelerated 3D local descriptor for surface matching
* GPU accelerated motion and disparity estimations for multiview coding
* Improved throughput arithmetic coder for jpeg2000
* Massive parallelization of approximate nearest neighbor search on KD-tree for high-dimensional image descriptor matching
* Multi-level complexity reduction for HEVC multiview coding
* Novel Distortion Estimation Technique for Hardware-Based JPEG2000 Encoder System
* Parallel hybrid bispectrum-multi-frame blind deconvolution image reconstruction technique
* Realizing Low-Cost High-Throughput General-Purpose Block Encoder for JPEG2000
* Scalable Massively Parallel Motion and Disparity Estimation Scheme for Multiview Video Coding, A
Includes: Nooshabadi, S.[Saeid] Nooshabadi, S.
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