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Nozick, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Splicing Detection Based on Noise Density Analysis in Raw Images
* Automatic RANSAC by Likelihood Maximization
* Colorimetric Correction for Stereoscopic Camera Arrays
* Generic Initialization for Motion Capture from 3D Shape
* Least Square for Grassmann-Cayley Agelbra in Homogeneous Coordinates
* Mobile Photometric Stereo with Keypoint-Based SLAM for Dense 3D Reconstruction
* Online Multiple View Computation for Autostereoscopic Display
* Real-Time Free Viewpoint from Multiple Moving Cameras
* Real-time free viewpoint video from uncalibrated cameras using plane-sweep algorithm
* Real-time scene reconstruction and triangle mesh generation using multiple RGB-D cameras
* Real-time video-based rendering from uncalibrated cameras using plane-sweep algorithm
* Registration of RGB and Thermal Point Clouds Generated by Structure From Motion
* Semi-independent Stereo Visual Odometry for Different Field of View Cameras
* Superimposing Thermal-Infrared Data on 3D Structure Reconstructed by RGB Visual Odometry
Includes: Nozick, V.[Vincent] Nozick, V.
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