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Nurnberger, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic recognition of common Arabic handwritten words based on OCR and N-GRAMS
* Detecting Sub-Image Replicas: Retrieval and Localization of Zoomed-In Images
* Exploring Large Movie Collections: Comparing Visual Berrypicking and Traditional Browsing
* Localization and Transformation Reconstruction of Image Regions: An Extended Congruent Triangles Approach
* Power of Ensembles for Active Learning in Image Classification, The
* Video Navigation Based on Self-Organizing Maps
* VideoSOM: A SOM-Based Interface for Video Browsing
Includes: Nurnberger, A. Nürnberger, A. (Maybe also Nuernberger, A.)Nürnberger, A.[Andreas] (Maybe also Nuernberger, A.)Nurnberger, A.[Andreas]
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