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Nuzzi, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Hand Gesture Recognition for Collaborative Workstations: A Smart Command System Prototype

Nuzzo, L. Co Author Listing * Multipath Exploitation in Through-Wall Radar Imaging Via Point Spread Functions

Nuzzo, P. Co Author Listing * Design Automation for Smart Building Systems

Nuzzo, R.L.[Regina L.] Co Author Listing * Performance Gestures of Musicians: What Structural and Emotional Information Do They Convey?

Nuzzolo, A. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial
* Individual utility-based path suggestions in transit trip planners
* Real-Time Freeway Network Traffic Surveillance: Large-Scale Field-Testing Results in Southern Italy

Nuzzolo, M. Co Author Listing * BIM Approach for the Analysis of An Archaeological Monument, A

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