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Odet, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * 3-D knee cartilage segmentation using a smoothing B-Spline active surface
* Automated 3D region growing algorithm based on an assessment function
* CASTI: Correction of Susceptibility Artifact in MR Images using MRI Simulation
* DaVaW: A Python Library for Medical Image Processing Applications
* IIR filtering of surface meshes for the regularization of deformable models
* Image coding on the Phobos space probe
* Image segmentation functional model
* New discrepancy measures for segmentation evaluation
* On the Influence of the Phase of Conjugate Quadrature Filters in Subband Image Coding
* Scalable discrepancy measures for segmentation evaluation
* Segmentation by Smoothing B-Spline Active Surface
* Shape prior criterion based on Tchebichef moments in variational region growing
* Shape prior in Variational Region Growing
* Shape Prior Integrated in an Automated 3D Region Growing Method
Includes: Odet, C.[Christophe] Odet, C.
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Odetti, A.[Angelo] Co Author Listing * Monitoring of Sea-Ice-Atmosphere Interface in the Proximity of Arctic Tidewater Glaciers: The Contribution of Marine Robotics

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