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Okarma, K.[Krzysztof] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Binarization Based on Multi-layered Stack of Regions
* Application of Structural Similarity Based Metrics for Quality Assessment of 3D Prints
* Comparing Clothing Styles by Means of Computer Vision Methods
* Fast Histogram Based Image Binarization Using the Monte Carlo Threshold Estimation
* Full-Reference Quality Metric Based on Neural Network to Assess the Visual Quality of Remote Sensing Images
* Hybrid Feature Similarity Approach to Full-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Quality Control for the BPG Lossy Compression of Three-Channel Remote Sensing Images
* Quality Evaluation of 3D Printed Surfaces Based on HOG Features
* Similarity Estimation of Textile Materials Based on Image Quality Assessment Methods
* Texture Based Quality Assessment of 3D Prints for Different Lighting Conditions
* Two-Dimensional Windowing in the Structural Similarity Index for the Colour Image Quality Assessment
* Validation of Combined Metrics for Color Image Quality Assessment, A
* Vector Median Splatting for Image Based Rendering
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