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Oudra, M.[Moulid] Co Author Listing * Palm Trees Detection from High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery Using a New Contextual Classification Method with Constraints

Oudrari, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Assessment of S-NPP VIIRS On-Orbit Radiometric Calibration and Performance
* JPSS-1 VIIRS Pre-Launch Response Versus Scan Angle Testing and Performance
* JPSS-1 VIIRS Prelaunch Reflective Solar Band Testing and Performance
* JPSS-1 VIIRS Radiometric Characterization and Calibration Based on Pre-Launch Testing
* JPSS-1/NOAA-20 VIIRS Day-Night Band Prelaunch Radiometric Calibration and Performance
* New Method for Suomi-NPP VIIRS Day-Night Band On-Orbit Radiometric Calibration, A
* On-Orbit Characterization of S-NPP VIIRS Transmission Functions
* Overall Assessment of JPSS-2 VIIRS Radiometric Performance Based on Pre-Launch Testing, An
* Pre-Launch JPSS-2 VIIRS Response Versus Scan Angle Characterization
* Pre-Launch Radiometric Characterization of JPSS-1 VIIRS Thermal Emissive Bands
* Pre-launch Radiometric Characterization of JPSS-2 VIIRS Thermal Emissive Bands
* Prelaunch Radiometric Characterization and Calibration of the S-NPP VIIRS Sensor
Includes: Oudrari, H.[Hassan] Oudrari, H.
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Oudre, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Removal of Impulsive Noise in Audio Signals
* Data Set for the Study of Human Locomotion with Inertial Measurements Units, A
* Interpolation of Missing Samples in Sound Signals Based on Autoregressive Modeling
* Uncertainty Principle for Lowband Graph Signals, An
* Video stabilization: Overview, challenges and perspectives

Oudrhiri, K.[Kamal] Co Author Listing * Bistatic Radar as an Effective Tool for Detecting and Monitoring the Presence of Phytoplankton on the Ocean Surface, The
* Effective Surface Roughness Impact in Polarimetric GNSS-R Soil Moisture Retrievals
* Feed-Forward Neural Network Denoising Applied to Goldstone Solar System Radar Images

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