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Paelinckx, D.[Desire] Co Author Listing * Habitat Mapping and Quality Assessment of NATURA 2000 Heathland Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy
* Natura 2000 Habitat Identification and Conservation Status Assessment with Superresolution Enhanced Hyperspectral (CHRIS/PROBA) Imagery
Includes: Paelinckx, D.[Desire] Paelinckx, D.[Desiré] Paelinckx, D.

Paelke, V.[Volker] Co Author Listing * Augmented paper maps: Exploring the design space of a mixed reality system
* Multi-modal, Multi-touch Interaction with Maps in Disaster Management Applications
* smARt.Assembly: Projection-Based Augmented Reality for Supporting Assembly Workers
Includes: Paelke, V.[Volker] Paelke, V.

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