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Paes Ferreira, F.[Fabricio] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Wavelet Families for Face Recognition
* Waveletfaces and Linear Regression Classification for Face Recognition

Paes, E.T.[Eduardo Tavares] Co Author Listing * Exploratory Data Analysis of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Measurements to Distinguish the Sea Surface Expressions of Naturally-Occurring Oil Seeps from Human-Related Oil Spills in Campeche Bay (Gulf of Mexic
* Oil-Slick Category Discrimination (Seeps vs. Spills): A Linear Discriminant Analysis Using RADARSAT-2 Backscatter Coefficients (s, ߰, and ?
Includes: Paes, E.T.[Eduardo Tavares] Paes, E.T.[Eduardo T.]

Paes, R.C.O.V. Co Author Listing * Analyses of the Positive Bias of Remotely Sensed SST Retrievals in the Coastal Waters of Rio de Janeiro

Paes, R.L.[Rafael Lemos] Co Author Listing * Editorial for the Special Issue Remote Sensing of the Oceans: Blue Economy and Marine Pollution

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