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Patwa, I. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Ensemble Fusion for Disambiguation and Retrieval

Patwa, N. Co Author Listing * Semantic-Preserving Image Compression

Patwa, P.[Parth] Co Author Listing * Synthetic Generation of Face Videos with Plethysmograph Physiology

Patwardhan, K.[Kedar] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Real-Time Control of Active Cameras in Large-Scale Surveillance Systems.
* Intelligent Video for Protecting Crowded Sports Venues
* Monitoring, recognizing and discovering social networks
Includes: Patwardhan, K.[Kedar] Patwardhan, K.

Patwardhan, K.A.[Kedar A.] Co Author Listing * 3D priors for scene learning from a single view
* 4D vessel segmentation and tracking in Ultrasound
* Automatic image decomposition
* Graph-Based Foreground Representation and its Application in Example Based People Matching in Video, A
* Multi-camera person tracking in crowded environments
* Projection based image and video inpainting using wavelets
* Robust Foreground Detection In Video Using Pixel Layers
* Video Inpainting Under Constrained Camera Motion
* What Can Casual Walkers Tell Us About A 3D Scene?
Includes: Patwardhan, K.A.[Kedar A.] Patwardhan, K.A.
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Patwardhan, K.S.[Kaustubh Srikrishna] Co Author Listing * Hand gesture modelling and recognition involving changing shapes and trajectories, using a Predictive EigenTracker
* On line predictive appearance-based tracking
* Robust shape based two hand tracker
Includes: Patwardhan, K.S.[Kaustubh Srikrishna] Patwardhan, K.S.

Patwardhan, M.[Manasi] Co Author Listing * Plots to Previews: Towards Automatic Movie Preview Retrieval using Publicly Available Meta-data
* Predicting Sentiments in Image Advertisements using Semantic Relations among Sentiment Labels
* Survey on real-time facial expression recognition techniques
* Visual Question Generation: The State of the Art
Includes: Patwardhan, M.[Manasi] Patwardhan, M.

Patwardhan, P.G. Co Author Listing * Design of Near-Perfect Reconstruction Two-Parallelogram Filter-Banks
* On Filter Symmetries in a Class of Tree-Structured 2-D Nonseparable Filter-Banks
* Preservation of 2-D Signal Symmetries in Quincunx Filter-Banks

Patwari, N. Co Author Listing * On Log-Normality of RSSI in Narrowband Receivers Under Static Conditions

Patwary, M.N. Co Author Listing * Multiple face detection algorithm using colour skin modelling
* Renewable Energy Re-Distribution via Multiscale IoT for 6G-Oriented Green Highway Management
* Secure and Intelligent Framework for Vehicle Health Monitoring Exploiting Big-Data Analytics, A
* Specular-based illumination estimation using blind signal separation techniques
Includes: Patwary, M.N. Patwary, M.N.[Mohammad N.]

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